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 the 6 week program

Just think, you're only a few weeks away from a new you!

This one-on-one coaching program is designed to help you learn how to magnetize in your deepest desires by coming into alignment with your divine nature. You will learn how to master your own energy and see how truly powerful you really are. If you've been struggling to feel good about yourself, build your confidence, and ultimately manifest what you want most out of this life, then this program is for you. I want to help you do exactly that. In fact, they're all related. Once you step into your true essence, there is nothing that is off limits. 

 how it works 

Each week you will have a one-hour coaching call with Kailyn where you will discuss your progress and focus on an action plan to see desired results. She will work with you specifically on your current issues/concerns and break it down in terms of energy and alignment. This is where she will guide you back into connection with yourself so that you can see lasting change across multiple areas of life. This program includes six one-hour coaching calls (through Skype), and access to chat 5 days a week. Each interaction is designed to progress you further on your spiritual and personal development journey.

the 2 enrollment options 

When you enroll, you have the option to just sign up for the six-week coaching package or you can upgrade to the deluxe version, which also includes all the programs at Ignite Your Soul Self-Mastery School, wherein you will have lifetime access. These courses being Become A Love Magnet Self-Love Course, Conscious Manifestation Masterclass, Take Your Power Back Masterclass, 30 Days to Financial Freedom Guided Meditation, and The Clear Your Money Blocks Workshop. These lessons will help build on your knowledge as you navigate the coaching program but it is not required.

Week 1 Initiation

This week is designed to build initial relationship between client and coach. This is where you and Kailyn will identify your core programming, limiting beliefs, and what currently isn't working.

Week 2 Desires

The fun part! In this week, you get very clear on why you're here and what it is you wish to create while living within this physical reality. This is the week of stepping into the creative workshop and activating the sacral energy within.

Week 3 Clearing Blocks

In this week you will begin to shine the light of consciousness on any and all self-limiting beliefs and begin reprogramming the subconscious mind in direct relation to your established desires.

Week 4 Stepping Into Power

Your power has always been within you. In this week, Kailyn will show you exactly how to unlock it and begin connecting to the feeling of wholeness and completion.

Week 5 Mastering Energy

In this week you will learn about energy dynamics. There is a push and pull to all creation, once you neutralize your fear-based energy, you can draw anything in. Learn how to stop repelling the very things you desire the most.

Week 6 Solidifying The New

In this final week you will take everything you've learned over the course of the program and claim it as your new identity. You can become anything you desire and once you decide, you must make that a solid belief within you.

Are you ready to start making those dreams inside your head a real, tangible reality?

Enroll Today!

 Additional short-term option 

 the 3 week program

Interested in working together but not ready to make a full six-week commitment? Then this 3-week program is for you. During this time you will have access to three one-hour personalized coaching calls aimed to work through your specific concerns. In addition, chat with me in between calls to ensure optimal progress and success as you're applying the recommended techniques and processes. At the end of the program you have the option to continue for another three weeks at the same price. Ultimately my goal is to ensure that you're getting results, this allows you to begin the inner work and make a decision on whether or not you wish to continue on.

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