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“Kailyn helped me with a partnership issue and she clearly pointed out the areas of concern. She is a very responsible and competent  coach that I always highly recommend.”



“Kailyn really helped me to see that it wasn't happiness I was looking for in someone else, but within myself. She also inspired me to pursue my passion of becoming a life coach, which I'm now doing full time.”


Life Coach

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“Over the years I've come across many spiritual teachers and personal development gurus, but what I love about Kailyn is her way of teaching. She has the ability to take complex information and break it down into simple lessons that anyone can digest and take action on.”

Master Sri Akarshana

Siddha of the Himalayas

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“I completed Kailyn's Become A Love Magnet online course. It provides you a ton of information that's not overwhelming and it gives you simple exercises that are so effective. It can change your life just going through it one time.”


Writer & YouTuber

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