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Become A Love Magnet Self Love Course

Nothing works unless you build a foundation first. Self-love is the powerful force that sets you on your soul path. Learn through this all written course. Access to bonus video and inner child healing meditation.

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Conscious Manifestation Masterclass

It's time to manifest the life of your dreams while leveraging your soul energy! Find out how in this all video masterclass.

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Take Your Power Back Masterclass

Learn how to take your power back in any situation by collapsing the duality. All video content.

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30 Days to Financial Abundance

The results speak for themselves. Give this a listen for 30 days and watch how money begins to flow.

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Enroll in The Entire School!

This is your spiritual toolkit! Everything you need to know about spirituality, self-love, soul vs.ego, conscious manifestation, and energy/power mastery. Enroll in all programs to not miss out on any key lesson.

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The Divine Program

One-month coaching program with Kailyn

4 Phone calls + chat 5 days a week

+ divine membership (find out what that includes!)