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Why You Should Stop Chasing & Start Attracting

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Throughout our spiritual journeys it's important to discern the difference between allowing and forcing the manifestation of our desire.

When we are forcing, we are only disrupting the manifestation process ourselves. This in turn will prolong the realization of the final result.

Creating Resistance

We are meant to co-create the lives we desire with the universe. This is the most effective way to see our desires come to fruition.

We may lose sight of this fact when we become impatient with the time it takes for our manifestation to be delivered to us in the physical world. Often we may feel doubt as it is easy to experience uncertainty when something is taking place that we cannot see. This is when we attempt to do the Universe’s work and try to take forced--not inspired--action. When forcing takes place instead of allowing, we create resistance and push ourselves further from our desire. Allowing the universe to work in divine timing creates a flow of energy, transforming us into magnets for attracting what it is that we want.

Trusting The Universe

The universe is always here to guide and take care of you, it's simply a matter of trusting it to do so. It's able to see all of the moving parts invisible to you within your physical experience and then compile them in the exact perfect order.

Once you set an intention you have already launched your desire as the universe immediately goes to work to bring it to you. It always knows the best possible path for you to achieve your manifestation, or often times, something even better than what you had originally asked for. It delivers your end result in it's own perfect and divine timing.

You Are One With Your Desire

Separation between you and your desire is simply an illusion. On a vibrational level everything is the same, but we tend to allow fear to enhance this illusion of separation. You are already one with your desire just as you are one with everything around you. Feeling lack or desperation will only prevent you from being aligned vibrationally with what you want.

You Are Already A Complete Being

Be aware that you are already a complete, whole being and do not need anything outside of yourself that you do not already have within.

Manifesting your desire is the icing on the cake. It is certainly exciting, but it's crucial to be aware that manifesting material objects will not fulfill you in the long-term.

This journey is about learning more about yourself and loving yourself. Deep down what most of us are actually seeking from this life is true fulfillment and unconditional love, this is our greatest power! It just so happens that the moment you know and understand that you need nothing to feel complete, is the moment that the universe provides you with more than you could ever imagine.

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