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What Is Spiritual Bypassing?

The process of awakening can feel as if a blindfold has been removed, allowing people to gain immense clarity in their life and the world in which they reside. However, the idea of spirituality can often be used as a way to escape underlying issues one has and thus avoid the real purpose of awakening.

What It Means To Spiritually Bypass

Each and every soul that incarnates on Earth carries with them their own personal traumas, wounds, and shadows. As a spiritual being embodying a physical vessel, it becomes vital for one's evolution to gain an understanding and acceptance of this darker side of themselves that often remains hidden or suppressed. Whether it be psychological or emotional, the affects of one's upbringing and past experiences shape how they feel about themselves. It's absolutely crucial that these issues are addressed in order for one to feel the beautiful gift of wholeness and completion.

Along the path of life many awaken to realize their true infinite power and endless potential. While this can be an astoundingly positive experience, it is possible to fall victim to using the ideology of spirituality as a means to disguise the deeper matters within. This is what is referred to as spiritually bypassing. It is the avoidance of confronting inner wounds to make for an easier life journey.  Dodging inner problems may stem from needs that were not met as a child, unresolved conflicts, and traumas that have unfolded in the past. In truth, this only delays the process of growth and stunts the possibility of pure bliss that is a result of the true path of awakening.

Signs & Affects of Spiritually Bypassing

Fears and unaddressed issues will only increasingly interweave themselves into the fabric of the mind. Humans are meant to exist as a complete being. Sadly, one cannot achieve the pure and boundless love they are so deserving of if they don't take the time to address all aspects of themselves, both light and dark.  If no effort is taken to resolve the pain of their past and instead it's suppressed, a positive outcome will only elude them.

Not only will bypassing result in further inner-turmoil, but it will manifest in the form of complications in personal relationships. If one is not at peace with themselves, that disconnect will be reflected back in relationships built around them.  This is devastatingly harmful due to the fact that humans by nature are social beings. Relationships form a huge portion of this earthly experience and it's possible to create an unhealthy cycle in which lack of self-love leads to failed connections. There is often an occurrence of taking these suppressed emotions out on the people in one's life, which can have a detrimental impact to all parties involved.

Commonly, spiritual bypassing reveals itself in extremely damaging ways.  It can take the form of judgement upon others for outwardly displaying their emotions while avoiding feeling one's own emotions. Dismissing problems and unwanted circumstances, in addition to losing connection with oneself is a red flag of spiritual bypassing. In addition, feelings of entitlement over other people are also a glaring sign that this defence mechanism is being utilized.

Spiritual bypassing is like placing a band-aid on a broken arm, where one will only be scratching the surface of their problems without diving into the real issues at hand. Self-love, confronting the shadow self, and deep healing is essential for personal development and growth. When humans have the courage to love themselves on the deepest level possible, it reveals a new and unexplored world of being. It has the power to finally release the inner darkness humans often spend their lives running from and replace it with an extraordinary and newfound power that aligns with infinite wisdom and potential.

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