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The Power of Patience & Divine Timing

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Trust and patience are often overlooked during the manifestation process. Lack of trust in the universe yields both poor and short-lived results. Understanding divine timing can soothe that feeling of uncertainty and move us significantly closer to achieving our personal desire.

The Ego-Based Mind & Efforted Action

Within our ego-based minds lies the reason for many of our struggles when ineffectively using the law of attraction. The ego tries to carve out its own path toward bringing our visions into fruition which is guided by willpower and efforted action. Efforted action is action put forth in an attempt to generate an accelerated result to match our ego’s timeline for the manifestation of our desires.

Applying force to the process instead of allowing the universe to shape a path in its own perfect timing creates resistance between us and what we seek, therefore rarely producing our wanted outcome. Utilizing efforted action may actually lead to the quick loss of our manifesatation because of the lack of personal alignment with our desires.

Inspired Action Guides Us

The opposite of efforted action is known as inspired action. Inspired action is action taken that further aligns ourselves with our desires which is guided by intuitive guidance rather than willpower. Acting in this manner propels us in the right direction as though our intuition is a compass pointing us towards what we wish to acquire. Inspired action feels natural to us in the moment with little thought in contrast to the overthinking and analysis that comes with efforted action. Like a river flowing downstream we begin to flow to our desires swiftly when choosing inspired action.

The Role of Patience In Manifesting

A common theme repeatedly observed in those who struggle to effectively use the law of attraction throughout the community is a lack of patience. The society in which we presently live in is focused heavily on instant gratification and little on the practice of patience. For example, the internet allows us to receive the answers to almost any question in addition to our cell phones allowing us to communicate with others around the globe instantaneously. Despite how society is structured, the rules society adheres to do not apply to the Universe. It requires self-discipline and belief in order to work smoothly and efficiently in our favor.

When we choose to rush the process there is insufficient time provided to move all of the parts necessary to bring forth the results we yearn for. There is a perfect moment and setting for everything that will ever be created to be born, and this discipline gives what is needed for the seed of our desires to be nourished.

How & Why To Trust In Divine Timing

Even within the depths of our complex human minds we're still limited in terms of the amount of possibilities we can see before us. The universe is limitless, always viewing infinite ways in which it can take care of our needs and support us in the achievement of our goals. It knows the precise divine timing and place of what we seek and how it will materialize into our physical world.

Now we have taken the initial step in trusting divine timing by understanding that the universe has our best interests at heart and knows the exact way in which our journey will reveal itself. All there is left for us to do is trust it fully and let go of our egoic need to control how the process will unfold. This permits us to feel relief from the constant efforts when we unnecessarily try, thus speeding up the process of our manifestation organically. The universe will do the heavy lifting in its own marvellous divine timing, when we are meant to receive it. Faith in the Universe as well as inspired action and intuitive guidance will light the way to the lives we have always sought out for ourselves.

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