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How To Keep A High Vibration During Times of Stress

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Each and every one of us, even as divine spiritual beings, will find ourselves in states of stress during certain chapters in our lives.

Although it's normal for us to experience this stress, it's vital to our spiritual awakening journey that we learn and apply the process through which we may accept and change these fearful emotions. 

What is Vibration?

Everything in our Universe including objects, living beings, thoughts, and emotions are made up of energy that is continuously vibrating at different speeds. This means everything possesses its own unique vibrational frequency. 

Just as the law of attraction states that what we think about and feel will attract back to us more of the same thoughts and experiences, a very similar premise applies to vibration.

 As divine beings we attract to us thoughts and experiences that are aligned with the frequency we are energetically vibrating on. Vibrations are the same as emotions. All emotions we feel are indicators of our current vibration. 

To attract and manifest our desires, we have to match or align with that desire’s high vibrational energy in order to draw it to us in the physical world.

Maintaining A High Vibration When Stressed

Our dominant vibration determines what we attract to us in the material world, thus it is important to maintain a high vibe even when stressful situations may inevitably arise.

We must accept the stressful emotions we are feeling anytime they emerge. This may sound contradictory, but accepting these feelings is crucial as for resisting these emotions will only create more of the same in the future.

Feel these emotions, observe these thoughts and let them pass without using judgement or reacting to them. Go into the body and truly embrace the present moment. This will cause the feelings of stress to lessen and fade over time. 

Our power lies in what we choose to place our focus and attention on. When we let the stressful feelings and thoughts pass, shifting our focus from those thoughts and emotions into more positive desired outcomes, we will then begin to dramatically change our world.

We always have the power to choose which thoughts to engage in.

Here are some practices and concepts to keep in mind to maintain a high vibration during times of stress:

  • Former or future experiences we deem as undesirable create feelings of stress and fear--they are not reality.

  • Identify thoughts creating these fearful emotions but do not react to them, observe them and let them pass.

  • Understand that changing from within establishes changes in the world around us.

  • Be kind to yourself. We often are too hard on ourselves, this will only exacerbate the issue.

  • Meditate, do activities that inspire and uplift you, spend time with people you love, and make excuses to feel good.

  • Practice feeling gratitude for things you cannot live without.

  • Focus on the present moment to relieve feelings of stress.

Fully understanding and applying these concepts will assist you greatly in keeping a high vibration whenever you may come across a stressful situation. 

As with everything in life, these efforts will take some practice and getting used to, but these tools will ultimately allow you to minimize the amount of stress you will encounter. 

Having a firm grasp on methods in which to overcome difficult times but still maintain vibrational alignment with your desires will only make your spiritual awakening process that much more enjoyable! 

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