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Spiritual Toolkit

This is your spiritual toolkit! Everything you need to know about spirituality, self-love, soul vs.ego, conscious manifestation, and energy/power dynamics. Enroll in a bundle of key programs.


NEW Clear Your Money Blocks Guided Workshop 

Tap into the frequency of abundance by clearing away the beliefs and blocks that are preventing money from coming in. This includes EFT tapping sessions, guided visualization, guided meditations, affirmation script, workbook, and instructional video. + BONUS: Manifest Money While You Sleep Hypnosis.

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Become A Love Magnet Self Love Course

Nothing works unless you build a foundation first. Self-love is the powerful force that sets you on your soul path. Learn through this all written course. Access to bonus video and inner child healing meditation.

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Conscious Manifestation Masterclass

It's time to manifest the life of your dreams while leveraging your soul energy! Find out how in this all video masterclass.

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Take Your Power Back Masterclass

Learn how to take your power back in any situation by collapsing the duality. All video content.

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30 Days to Financial Abundance

The results speak for themselves. Give this a listen for 30 days and watch how money begins to flow.

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