How the coaching call program works:

  1. Prepare your specific questions you'd like to ask Kailyn (keep in mind the one-hour time limit). 

  2. Click the "Book Now" button. Please note the time you choose is just to secure your spot.

  3. Wait for Kailyn to reach out to schedule a specific time to book the call.

  4. Download Skype and provide Kailyn with Skype ID (Voice Call).

  5. Additional note: Have a pen and paper in hand to record suggestions and insights during the scheduled call.

Questions can include anything related to:

  • Spirituality & Enlightenment

  • Conscious Manifestation

  • Overcoming Belief Systems

  • Relationship Concerns

  • Financial Concerns

  • If you have a question that doesn't fit in one of the above categories, please email to approve question(s) before you book a call. 

** If your concern will take more than one phone call, you can book multiple sessions at a time or as you go.**