The "Dirty Work"
5 Week Intensive

5 weeks to radically transform and up level your life.

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Your life changes the moment you decide that it does.

We are in complete control of the direction of our lives.

Once you get to the point where you know you deserve more for yourself, nothing less will do. This program is designed to realign you with your core self worth. It's time to reclaim your power and begin creating the life you've spent nights dreaming about. 

Take that idea out of your imagination and birth it into this physical experience. 

It's all about seeing yourself in a new way.

The real honest question you have to ask yourself is "are you the person you need to be to be ready for all that you've asked for?" Don't give up on your potential. Don't let the world harden you. Dig deep through this intensive program to rediscover how amazing and powerful you truly are.

This is a program of self transformation.
You will never see yourself the same again.

We all live in our own box of comfort.

What would getting outside of that look like?

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WEEK 1- Radical Honesty

You can't change if you're living in denial. This week is about getting REAL about what in your life isn't working.

WEEK 2 - The Breakdown

You will cry, you will want to throw things, but you know what? You will get to the core. Every major transformation begins with a complete purge and release. Let's say this week you'll be given permission to have a meltdown and it's totally and 100% acceptable.

WEEK 3 - The Rebuild

Now that you've shed your old skin, it's time to decide exactly who you want to be. This week you will rebuild your self-worth, identity, and core values. You get to be anyone you want, nothing is off limits.

WEEK 4 - Nurture The New

Nothing changes without consistent watering and nurturing. This new self-image needs to be rooted within your subconscious and being. 

WEEK 5 - Final Intention & Action

Once you're clear on who you are and where you're going, there's nothing left but to take action and begin creating a life from this new and improved state of consciousness. 


Get lifetime access to custom video content to help you radically shift and up level your life.


It's all about taking the information and applying it. Download the workbook to navigate your 5 week journey.


Receive guided meditations to assist through each week of transformation.

  • Transform your life in 5 weeks.

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