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Spiritual Healers
Membership Community Created by Kailyn Bowman


 End the struggle. Every month learn a new tool to help you regain your confidence and radically uplevel your life. 


-Group community on Patreon platform.

-Exclusive content each month on a given topic (ex, inner child, heart chakra, obsession, spiritual awakening symptoms, etc).

-Access to a new downloadable journal/workbook each month based on chosen monthly topic.

-Community to discuss monthly video and workbook prompts.

-Ability to have Kailyn answer your questions in-depth.

-Access to exclusive offers (only within this membership group).

-Access to freebies and metaphysical giveaways.

-Ability to vote for each new monthly topic.

-Access to 12 new topics per year.


1st Month October Topic: Obsession & Spiritual Growth

This is a great option for you if you're not quite ready for one-on-one coaching but you're wanting a learning style experience shared with other unique souls such as yourself.

Every month the topic will change and you will have the ability to vote in on what you wish to discuss next. Kicking off the month of October the topic will be on Obsession and Spiritual Growth: How To Stop Obsessive Thinking and Reclaim Your Power. 

2nd Month November Topic: Parenting The Inner Child

Spiritual Healers members choose on each month's new topic. The vote is in and November's topic is on Parenting The Inner Child. Ever wondered how to actually connect to this part of yourself?Learn how to create a relationship with the inner child and provide it with the love, nurturing, and care it may not have received in those early primal years of life. This includes instructional video and guided workbook.

3rd Month December Topic: Interpreting Signs From The Universe

Spiritual Healers members choose on each month's new topic. This month includes an interactive assignment to replace the workbook. In addition, the instructional video is set up in a Q&A style where members have the opportunity to ask specific questions regarding signs and synchronicities. 

Every month receive a new downloadable workbook with journal prompts​ based on the topic of discussion and corresponding instructional video. This workbook will be the basis for discussions within the group where other members as well as Kailyn can collaborate and answer questions to ensure optimal learning. Bonus: Receive both printable and digital version of workbook. This means you can print it out and write with a pen or journal right from your iPad/laptop.


This group is committed to providing you with the tools necessary for your personal growth, which means you have a vote in what topic you wish to ​work through each month. Participate in an active poll alongside other community members.


Become a part of a spiritual community committed to ascension, personal growth, and self-love. Have the opportunity to ask questions, answer others, and receive

in-depth feedback from Kailyn on specific topic areas. 


Exclusive instructional-style video content created by Kailyn. Receive one to two videos each month never-before-seen on the channel to guide the monthly topic and workbook prompts.


Monthly Giveaways Include: 

Each month one member will be chosen for the giveaway. Potential prizes include the following:




A one-hour coaching call with Kailyn through Skype to discuss your specific area of concern.

Game Youtube Channel Art-48.png


Free access to a select online course at Ignite Your Soul Self-Mastery School.



Metaphysical/spiritual products or gift set from Awakened One.

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