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Meet Kailyn

Spiritual Coach 

I believe that it's natural for us to experience immense joy, love and peace. As we begin to raise our consciousness, we have access to these higher level frequencies and our path is then clearly revealed to us. My mission is to serve humanity in guiding individuals to igniting their inner truth by moving beyond ego desires and learning how to consciously manifest and step into a place of true purpose.

The Blog

Never miss a moment of inspiration. Below is a compilation of resources to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Pay It 


My ultimate goal is to serve as many individuals that I can who are seeking guidance and support along their spiritual journey. The Pay-It-Forward system allows for a percentage of the purchases of those who can afford my services to go back to those who cannot. This means that by investing in your own healing you will also be giving back and supporting the lives of those who will be grateful for your contribution.

"The wound is the place where the light enters you."



“She has the ability to take the complex science of the law of attraction and break it down into simple lessons that anyone can digest and take action on. If you're looking for a law of attraction coach, then I highly recommend Kailyn's program.”

Master Sri Akarshana

Siddha Of The Himalayas

“Kailyn helped me with a partnership issue and she clearly pointed out the areas of concern. She is a very responsible and competent manifestation coach that I always highly recommend.”


“Kailyn really helped me to see that it wasn't happiness I was looking for in someone else, but within myself. She also inspired me to pursue my passion of becoming a life coach, which I'm now doing full time.”


Life Coach

Ignite Your Soul

'Ignite Your Soul' self-mastery school is designed to further expand your spiritual awareness and connect you to your inner truth and soul purpose. This school offers free meditations and online courses.




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